photo by ALEX HOPES

HELLO! I’m Michele, the visual designer behind Zeva Creative based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Through holistic branding & design, I help brands cultivate confidence and consistent messaging to authentically engage with their audience. I am passionate about working with conscious brands — who are clean and transparent in their ethics and intentions, who value thoughtful, simple design, and who aren’t afraid to be organic and real.
When I'm not designing and eating tacos from a truck in my ATX home, I like to stay on the move, be it hiking the nearest mountain, floating down a river, or chasing my rebel dog/seal/wolf child, aka ZEVA of zeva creative. She's my magical mystery mutt, my soul animal who inspires me daily with her deeply warm spirit, majesty and poise. Occasionally you’ll find me documenting my other creative outlet—cooking, baking, photographing and developing original healthy recipes—over at my journal.
My design services are focused in brand identity, web, and editorial design. Looking for a creative hand, a new brand identity, a visual refresh? Thoughtful, impactful design solutions? Drop me a message and let's discuss your goals!
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